Tesla on hydrogen

Tesla on hydrogen

As a fuel cell integrator Deodrive Fuel Cell always looks for new opportunities in electric mobility and better user experience in zero emission transportation.

Hydrogen powered Tesla

Therefore we now offer a fuel cell upgrade especially for Tesla model S and model X. With the 12KiloWatt fuel cell stack of Deodrive your Tesla can run for 1.000Km (620 Miles).

To the left the 12 Kilowatt Fuel Cell of Deodrive to be added to your Tesla. The Fuel Cell stack produces enough electricity to enlarge the radius of any Tesla and actually double it! This solution actually makes your Tesla a hybrid. You can still charge it like a regular Tesla but you can now also fill it with hydrogen in under 5 minutes and be off to the track again! This is especially interesting for:

  • Executive, VIP, diplomatic, courtesy transport, limo service
  • taxi’s
  • Police

Pricing: €70.000,- excl VAT