Fuel Cell Sailing Boat

Sailing is all about wind power. Or is it? Leaving and entering the harbour even the smallest sailing boats often use petrol engines to maneuver. Electric motors offer a very good alternative but the batteries mostly limit the radius of the boat.

There, a zero emission range extender kicks in: a fuel cell on hydrogen.

An electric motor offers several advantages:

  • next to zero noise
  • no vibrations
  • no soot
  • no odour
  • last but not least: environmentally friendly!

The fuel cell removes the only hurdle of electric engines: the limited radius. This fuel cell teams with Linde’s Genie cylinders that carry at least 7 KiloWatt hour of net energy. (If you need and actually use the warmth of the fuel cell you can double the energy content). This will enlarge the capacity from 1kWh upto 7kWh per cylinder! And these cylinders can be rented and exchanged all around the world.

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