Kangoo H2

A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle drives with zero emission on both batteries as well as a hydrogen range extender that allows one to drive much further with the additional benefit of being able to refuel in 5 minutes. Furthermore, this car can also charge using a regular (type 2 mode 3) charging cable.

100% electric | 0% exhaust | 300Km radius | charging option | 5 minutes refueling hydrogen

Deodrive ntroduced this Fuel Cell Vehicle in The Netherlands in 2015, being the first to sell an FCEV delivery van outside of France, where these cars are made by Symbio Fcell. In 2018 parties mutually terminated the agreement.

Deodrive BV still owns one FCEV Kangoo to demonstrate the benefits of the vehicle as a silent, zero emission, mobile generator from which we can draw 3.6 kiloWatt of AC power (230V AC, comparable to home outlets). Customers can hire us to demonstrate the mobile generator for business events. The car itself is no longer being rented as we want to keep it in pristine state.